Say Their Names

If you think northern California cities have more than our share of killings by police, especially of young men of color, you’re not imagining it. On a list released late last year documenting the rate of police killings of civilians in the 60 largest cities in the U.S., Oakland was third, with 12.1 per million people, and San Francisco was eighth with 9.4. Bakersfield, California (who knew it was even one of the 60 largest cities?) was #1 with 13.6 per million people. The national average was 3.6.


On Martin Luther King, Jr. Day weekend, a group of about 100 activists occupied the Oakland airport, reading the names of 61 people murdered by Bay Area police in recent years. This is the list, which was compiled by the Anti-Police Terror Project. (This is not a complete list of all the police killings during this period.)

Jerry Amaro     2000 Oakland

Charles Marlin Hill      2000 Oakland

Maurice Darius Esters             2000 Oakland

Idriss Stelley   2001, San Francisco

Joshua Russell             2002 Oakland

Roshawn Hill 2002 Oakland

Terence Mearis            2003 Oakland

Glenn Harlton Willis   2003 Oakland

Glennel Givens Junior             2003 Oakland

Ronald Brazier            2006 Oakland

Kim Saelio      2006 Oakland

Gary King       2007 Oakland

Jeremiah Dye 2007 Oakland

Villa Valvatin 2007 Oakland

Addie I Meza 2007 Oakland

Andrew Moppin Buckskin     2007 Oakland

Rosalyne McHenry     2007, San Pablo

Anita Gay       2008 , Berkeley

Casper Banjo   2008 Oakland

Mack Jody Woodfox 2008 Oakland

Louvelle Mixon           2009 Oakland

Brownie Polk 2009 Oakland

Oscar Grant     2009, Oakland

Derrick Jones 2010 Oakland

Fred Chang Collins     2010 Oakland

Obataiye Edwards      2010 Oakland

Maurice Shavers          2010 Oakland

Charles Hill     2011 , San Francisco

Martin Flenaugh          2011 Oakland

Fletcher Devon Jackson          2011 Oakland

Rahim Brown 2011 Oakland

Matthew Cicelski        2011 Oakland

Arthur Jarvis Raleigh 2011 Oakland

Kenneth Harding Jr.    2011, San Francisco

Mohammed Ibrahim Shaw     2012, Hayward

Peter Mestler   2012 , San Francisco

Anton Barret Sr          2012 , Vallejo

Tobin Marshall            2012 , Vallejo

Alan Dwayne Bluford            2012 Oakland

Edgar Alvarez             2012, Hayward

Derrick Gaines            2012, San Francisco

Pralith Pralourng         2012, San Francisco

Jarey Huey      2012, Vallejo

Mario Romero 2012, Vallejo

Kayla Moore   2013 Berkeley

Bernard Peters May    2013 Oakland

Pedie Perez, Richmond           2014

Alex Nieto      2014 , San Francisco

Errol Chang     2014, Pacifica

O’Shaine Evans           2014, San Francisco

Mario Woods  2015 , San Francisco

Amilcar Lopez            2015 , San Francisco

Richard Perkins           2015 Oakland

Guadalupe Ochoa       2015 Oakland

Yuvette Henderson     2015 Oakland

Richard Linyard          2015 Oakland

Yonas Alghene            2015 Oakland

Demouriah Hogg        2015 Oakland

Nate Wilks      2015 Oakland

Jose Buenrostro           Oakland

Andrew Marcus Gonzales      Oakland

Author: lagai

LAGAI-Queer Insurrection is one of the oldest radical queer liberation groups in the U.S. We publish UltraViolet, a more or less bimonthly newspaper, which is mailed free of charge to over 1500 people, including over 800 prisoners. Our website is

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