Shouts From Inside

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Try to Laugh and Smile a lot because Life is too Short for anything else. Guy Faciane, recently released

The fight is not over, not yet! Why, because you got breath in your body, ink in your pens and the will not to give up and girls like me who might be able to help. 2 cases in [the prison] law library: Norsworthy v. Beard, 4/2/15 and Kosilek v. Spencer  These cases discuss ‘deliberate indifference to serious medical need’. Keep those claws out you Ally-Cat and “ROAR”.  AJ, FL

I need “LGBT” help, support and assistance. I’m stuck in Red Neck Hell! These people here not “LGBT” friendly, they have no “LGBT” books or magazines in the library here and they will not assist in trying to find any. MLC, WV

I’m not preaching that the people whom your service is aimed at are Saints but I AM saying that the concept of “crime and punishment” has been used to foster an entirely different and alien concept of what is now known as the Industrial Prison Complex. And rather than place the DANGEROUS people within, persons of “unpopular” and “propagandized” bad behavior are now being labeled dangerous…..dangerous is KILLING other people, NOT stealing food from an all-night market, or using substances or LOVING SOMEONE. I say this because I am a survivor, my tradecraft, skill sets and training taught me long before I was formally trained HOW to hide in plain sight, how to adapt, adopt. I simply never thought I’d have to do it 24-7 for…well let’s see…for 10,000 days straight (so far).  In The Teams we used to have a saying, “the only easy day was yesterday”. But what the older Budwisers would say was, “It’s a good day if you’re not standing in shit or no one’s shooting at you!” Your faithful unconditional friendship and reading materials keep this isolation in an over-crowded room life of mine on an even keel.  Thank you all.  BEJ, CA

Sisters and brotherz, how the fuck are you all?! Bold and beautiful as always I’m certain.  May this letter find you all in good health and good spirit.  I am currently locked down in the Belly of the Beast in Montana and use some love.   I am on reception with very few things worth of interest to read.  JB, MT

#Me too. It’s time for Prisons to acknowledge the fact that people, especially Transgenders, have been and still are being sexually assaulted. Some years ago in a CA prison, I was raped by a man that I was put in a cell with. Nothing happened to him. Just recently I went to the Classification Committee for single cell placement. I was told that I could move to a dorm with all males – 12-150 men – or transfer [to another prison].  More needs to be done inside of prisons to keep Transgenders safe and to hold predators and rapists accountable.  Please don’t be afraid to speak out We need to be better at taking a stand against prison rape.  #Me Too.  LS, CA

So in Texas, the LGBTQ communities in prison are under represented and definitely discriminated against. I am writing to see about getting UltraViolet as it would be awesome to read stuff from a LGBTQ perspective. I am a punk rocker, skateboarder and anarchist who has fought for equal rights, civil rights and gay rights. I was in S.F. for the Occupy San Fran and I was in Oakland the night the Occupy March went crazy.  I even took part in the Protest of Trump’s inauguration, right before I got locked up here in Texas. I look forward to hearing back from you.  MS, TX

I am a 28 year old trans female doing time in the Colorado Dept. of Corrections. My friend let me read your newsletter and I loved it.  I could not put it down and even read a couple of the articles twice. NJ, CO

Hello! I am a Proud member of the LGBTQ community.  From 1988 until 1993 I was happily married to a Transgendered (MTF) woman who taught me so much about life, love and respect.  She taught me that “love means never giving up on life”.  Please remember that life is NOT about what you are but who you are.  Stand u and be proud and know that you are loved.  JM, MA

Dear Radical Folks. Hows about actually naming names as to the specific group in Amerika who is, and always has been, the enemy/oppressor of LGBT people (and any free thinking non-LGBT people) since colonists first arrived in the early 17th  Yes, it’s those happy folks who brought us the Crusades, the killings of thousands of Jews during Europe’s black plague outbreak, the Spanish Inquisition, the Salem Witch Trials and the old, now mostly unenforced, sodomy laws in the various U$ states.  You know who it is.  Say it out loud.  The Christians!  Make no mistake about it.  The fundamentalist/evangelical people, the heartbeat of the Republican Party, is working intensely to convert (pun intended) the semi-fascist U$ government into a theocratic system with the bible as the official source of all laws.  Basically a U$ form of Taliban. JT, CO

I donate my copy of UltraViolet to the Facility library so other LGBT people can enjoy it. There’s a big population here and the library serves about 1800 people.  HM, Corcoran CA

[I want] to send a message of hope, solidarity and freedom! Like many of us, I have a determination to be free.  I have to say, from reading your paper, that it’s nice to know that there are others of my tribe out there holding it down.  It’s very easy to feel so isolated, alone and utterly forsaken when you’re trapped in these concrete boxes AKA solitary confinement.  No love at all.  So thanx for the reminder that I’m not alone.  MM,TX

Greetings from my new housing location deep within the Wisconsin branch of the American Gulag system. I not only use the information within UltraViolet to inform myself, I also reach out to other queer folks using articles to start a conversation.  I’ve met a few sisters and brothers who’ve become more aware of our plight with the American labor/slave systems through our shared study of current events written about in UltraViolet.  Not only about our own plight but also the plight of all minorities and poor people.  My goal is to use the knowledge you provide to maximum effect as it relates to educating and organizing Queerfolk with this system.  Thank you for taking the time to do what you do.  JL, WI

Enough is enough. CA prisons have what is called a SNY Yard. Due to the fact that gangsters and other walks of life don’t like Homosexuals and child molesters, we go to a SNY Yard.  When we get to these types of yards, people still seem to treat us the same.  So I say enough is enough.  Why not just give Homosexuals our own prison?  PS, CA

Author: lagai

LAGAI-Queer Insurrection is one of the oldest radical queer liberation groups in the U.S. We publish UltraViolet, a more or less bimonthly newspaper, which is mailed free of charge to over 1500 people, including over 800 prisoners. Our website is

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