Shorts From Inside

*Thank you very much for Ultra. I get much out of it but I do hate the yankee flag stamps you use. You don’t notice how ugly, over used that flag is. It’s all over and stands for Wall St rich, too big to jail, corrupt lawyers, judges, cops/pigs, politicians, lying media. I love xmas, animal, love stamps. Some we use over again to save money. JM Lima OH

*I was grateful for a copy of your paper that was sent to me. I found it very informative and would love to give a shout out to Lisa Strawn. Hello sweetheart.  I’m writing to Ashley Paris; keep fighting, never give up. I’m a person who enjoys reading the articles in your paper. I wish I knew more on how to find out about more people who are openly gay and are not afraid to write. I know people have been very hurt and need love along with a positive outcome in life! BH Seagoville TX

*I write this letter in love, support and solidarity to all my LGBT communities and to all the staff and contributors from LAGAI and UltraViolet much love and bless to all of y’all wherever you are especially to those who suffers behind bars as I do. To a prisoner a letter is like gold because when you send us a letter you show us a lot of things like love, loyalty, caring and many others. JH Gatesville TX

*UltraViolet; what’s up? Ultra honors and veneration from the comrades of the south. Thanks! Your boots on the ground approach is much needed. ONWARD! I just want to represent for the tops, verses and studs of the world. I notice a lot of the shorts come from transgirls. I want to tell them I hear you. We need more men who are real and unafraid and unashamed to scoop up the lovely queens and ride with the movement, I know the fellas face oppression as well – Gay shaming, Gay Bashing etc… So STAND UP.  I’m gay, black and I’m down with UltraViolet. Huraah! Shouts out: Thunder Bunnie, Lisa Strawn (PACE) and Ally Cat. I love y’all XOXO Jacob T Snipes #0812841, PO Box 728 Norlina NC 27563

*My name is Bernard. I’m a black male from Detroit who has been maliciously prosecuted and convicted. The good news is that my conviction was recently over-turned by the Court of Appeals and I’ll soon be going back to trial for a second chance at justice.  I am inspired to become a prison activist when released so I felt it would only be right to pay my respects to this organization by writing to say thank you for your support in our struggle. I respect this organization’s mission and hope to some day be able to join forces in the fight against social and criminal injustice. BH Munising MI

*I hope this letter finds you well. I have been receiving UltraViolet for two years now. I have enjoyed reading it and sharing it with other LGBT inmates here at DeBerry Special Needs Facility. But fortunately my time in prison is coming to an end. I will be going home (YAY!!!!) But I would like to continue on the mailing list for your newsletter. Please change my address. I look forward to being able to read UV in the free world and start working to make changes to the treatment of members of the LGBT community still in prison. Steven Vidale

*My friend just showed me your newspaper and I was so excited to see a newspaper like yours published. I am a transwoman inmate that would love to receive UV. I’m in solitary confinement right now hoping to be released soon. I hope to be an advocate for transgender prisoners upon my release in July 2019. I would love to work for an organization or volunteer my time trying to change these jim crow laws that have the prison industrial complex packed mainly with people of color and Latinas like myself. Stargirl (JB) Milwaukee WI

*Dear Folks. The masters of the universe that run this private for profit prison have decided to change its old mailing address. Thus forcing us prisoners to spend money letting everyone (publications et) know of the change. Your article in Vol. XXVIII #4, “Immigrant Lawsuit Can Proceed…” was informative. FYI, the activist law group filing the lawsuit is Towards Justice 1535 N High St 3rd Floor, Denver CO 80218. The firm does only labor law. But it does provide pro bono lawyers for persons with labor issues/problems. JT Olney Springs CO

*I am a proud member of the Joseph Harp LGBT Community and I’m also the active Sgt. at Arms. I’m a gay male that’s had a hard road. I’m interested in the UltraViolet newsletter. I was getting Black and Pink but the property lady stopped us from getting those. Thus cutting off our correspondence with said newsletter. I’ve got a long time left and have no one else out there. If y’all can help, I’d be appreciative. RJ Lexington OK

*The issues of gangs in prison have gotten out of control. Sometimes I think staff fears them more than anyone else.  Safety in numbers is why people join gangs. They are the ones who cannot make it on their own. Charging other inmates rent or protection is stupid. You pay me, I won’t hassle you, rob you, beat you up etc. If the gangs would leave people alone they wouldn’t need protection. Why pay rent when you’re already forced to be here as a punishment. Regardless of the crime that caused someone to be in prison, there are 2 kinds of people in prison – affiliated and nonaffiliated. The affiliated rule the roost. A gang member threatens a non-gang member. This person tells a staff member then as a reward is labeled a snitch, gets a write-up as well as hole time, has to pay a fine, loses multiple privileges etc. Whose side are they [guards] really on? The gang member gets a good laugh and moves on to the next person. The only solution is to separate affiliated people from nonaffiliated people completely and totally. JJ Whiteville TN

Author: lagai

LAGAI-Queer Insurrection is one of the oldest radical queer liberation groups in the U.S. We publish UltraViolet, a more or less bimonthly newspaper, which is mailed free of charge to over 1500 people, including over 800 prisoners. Our website is

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