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Dear staff – Four other inmates and myself started the class called CAGE (Cultural Awareness Gender Education). What our class will teach will be an array of topics relating to the LGBTQ community and the rest of the inmate population who are interested in the dynamics of LGBTQ as a whole and as an individual.

logo from Transgender Day of Remembrance
graphic from Transgender Day of Remembrance

The facilitators and I are reaching out to you for support of information be it hand-outs, flyers, videos and/or possible guest speakers.  I’m sure it’ll be highly unlikely for someone to come all the way down from San Francisco to be a guest speaker, however we’re calling out for help for ideas. [This is] ‘non-monetary’ help, that means we don’t need your money, we are just seeking information to better facilitate the LGBTQ community and the population as a whole.  Is there anyone out there who can help us? Rudolph ‘3 Bears’ Garcia #AY1321 CIM/A-3-181 PO Box 368 Chino CA 91708


Approximately once every two weeks, a transgender human is killed, for no other reason than being transgendered.

EVERYDAY a trans human is denied a diagnosis that provides access to effective health care

EVERYDAY a trans human is told directly or indirectly, they are not the gender that they identify as, and/or that they must conform to their sex assigned at birth.

EVERYDAY a trans human is denied medical care by a provider that is unskilled in gender identity issues.

EVERYDAY a confined trans human is told directly or indirectly that they are not entitled to basic human rights due to their gender identity.

EVERYDAY a state official (DOC, DHS etc) hides behind 11th Amendment protections, to engage in harmful behavior against trans humans, including writing olicies that promote these behaviors, citing “safety and security issues”.

EVERYDAY a confined MTF trans human contemplates self-surgery because they are denied effective treatment to address their gender identity concerns.

As a result of these thing, EVERYDAY a transgendered person contemplates suicide as a result of internalized transphobia … 41% of trans humans attempt suicide and EVERYDAY too many succeed (one is too many).

When will the “Russian Roulette” with trans humans end? Will you take a stand to end these dangerous practices?  Because if it’s ’ot you, then who? If not Now, then when?  Ms Kendra-Michelle Lovejoy, 1111 Hwy 73, Moose Lake MN 55767

Shorts From Inside

graphic of prisoner with chains
by Jessie D Milo, Corcoran S.P.

Thanks for printing “The Horrors of Self-Surgery”! I received quite a bit of mail from around the country. Unfortunately I have attempted again in July – and more recently, I have been placed on an individual Program Plan (IPP). Interestingly they referenced my attempts at Gender Affirming Self-Surgery (GASS) as ‘self-surgery’, not ‘self-harm’ or ‘mutilation’. They also have me seeing a psychiatrist to evaluate me for Gender Dysphoria and the psychologist, who wrote our Trans Policy, wants to speak with me to get a better understanding of what it is like to be trans, and what I experience on a daily basis. Can anyone say “Progress”? Kendra-Michelle Lovejoy MN

I am glad that there is a paper for us activists of the LGBTQ family to have our voices heard on the inside and out. As I read about the predators in the newspaper and hear about them on the news (Kkkavanaugh and Bill Cosby), it brings to mind the predators on the inside. To all my brothers and sisters who are LGBTQ who are indigent and locked up, it’s OK to say NO. You all know who these predators are.  They are the ones who pressure us into sex. They first bribe us with drugs or commissary. THAT’S PROSTITUTION. You should never have to sell your body for something. Then they will say they can protect you and that they are the only ones who care about you. They try to completely isolate you. Don’t believe them. Most prison systems have an officer to go to but it seems like they can only help after you have been raped. So it is up to us to take a firm stand and say NO!  Anybody who sees this happening to our brothers and sisters needs to stand in solidarity when they are being terrorized. Jerry Kinsey, Huntsville TX

Deep down with most

 Individuals they desire

 One good friend-one that

 They can share their feelings

 Without fear or shame or

 Betrayal… Rayfield Johnson, 1010 W Columbia H3, Farmington MO

I’m writing to request that you cancel my subscription to UltraViolet. I’m set to parole so I’ll no longer be at this address.  It is my intention to make contact with you and find a way to pay it forward at some point in the near future. You have been with me this entire trip. One of the very few constants in my life in a place where it’s difficult to find anyone or anything positive to count on, I knew I could always count on you. Thank you for your dedication, your love and your continued support. “…what care I, how other peoples have behaved in other ages? The foundation of all revolutionary thought lies in this idea that NOW is what matters” Diderot.  Sending love and appreciation from the back of the closet.  Benito Gutierrez, Chowchilla CA

With the exception of Portland and Eugene, Oregon remains grounded in homophobia. And I am not in Portland or Eugene. During my incarceration I have been unable to be myself because being ‘out’ I am still punished through housing and the limiting of employment. UV has been greatly appreciated as a source of support. Thank you. Josh, Umatilla OR

I appreciate the newsletter and answering my reply.  I am getting out of prison earlier than expected due to classes I took. When I get established I can get back on the mailing list from the streets. Thanks again. Steve, Cal City CA

I just wanted to let you know how much I truly enjoy your newsletter but I’m lucky to receive a copy once a year )-: It might be this uptight Mormon prison just not letting me receive them like I should be. I wouldn’t doubt it. Anyway, this was just supposed to be a shout out and to send my love. Thank you very much for your time and all that you do for me and my LGBTQIA family. Darren, Draper UT

There are 2900 men at this Unit. The need for unity and peer education is very much needed. The transgender inmates are being targeted by staff and inmates alike and I’m trying to change this best I can. Darrell Linbocker #378848, 3899 Hwy 98, New Boston TX 75570

Once again I am amazed by the talent and dedication that this organization brings to the progressive movement of ‘our’ struggle for life, freedom and the pursuit of happiness. I received the fall edition of UltraViolet and was very, very impressed with the lay-out, stories, articles and overall presentation of this newsletter. And that was just my first edition. Paul, Gatesville TX

Hello; I need others to know what’s going on. I changed all my state ID card, birth certificate, medical card and indictment papers to all say female. But in the Illinois DOC I am being housed as a male inmate. I am fighting this issue right now and need others to know and start asking questions to the IDOC (Why??) I cannot fight alone, I am a transgender female, will you help in letting everyone know where I am and my full name. Please. I know I am 100% Gay and LGBT is my life for Life!!! Ms Keith Brackett #B75025, Lincoln IL 62656

Hello to all of you in San Francisco. Just wanted all of you all to know that our prayers and thoughts are with you all during your time of troubles with the fires. We live in a crazy time you know, with all our technology and we cannot defend against something as fundamental as an ember. I consider myself a twin-spirit – a bear on the outside and a sweet young pretty thing on the inside. Furthermore, I am a Certified Legal Aide within the KY DOC and I take my job very seriously. Therein lies the rub, as they say and I find myself in the sand that is quick more times than not. Maybe I will learn caution before my time is through, but maybe not. Fortune favors the bold, does it not? Thank you for being there for us all. All of us KYers will keep y’all in our hearts. Dennis, Eddyville KY

I’m a queer 35 year old black male from Grand Prairie, TX. I want to shout out to my fellow queerlings across the nation. I’ve been in TX all of my life.  Please take time to fellowship with the Queer Community in prison and outside.  We are all going to need help when we are released.  I want to come to [the] Castro, I’m a good queer lover.  It’s hard to sleep at night.  There’s a lot of isolation especially being in the middle of nowhere.  I wish you were all a weekly queer paper.  Joseph, Colorado City TX

Author: lagai

LAGAI-Queer Insurrection is one of the oldest radical queer liberation groups in the U.S. We publish UltraViolet, a more or less bimonthly newspaper, which is mailed free of charge to over 1500 people, including over 800 prisoners. Our website is

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